Soothing Massage

Soothing Massage

Helping You Relax

What benefits does the decontracting massage provide for you? Improvement in the muscle’s mobility and elasticity

Reduction of physical fatigue.

Prevention of muscular diseases caused by bad positions.

Promote the release of endorphins (like eating chocolate, for example), which makes us feel better and happier.

Increase in blood circulation, to improve oxygenation of the muscles.

Our lifestyle does not help to our health or well-being.The daily tension and stress cause pain and mental discomfort, tensing our muscles and causing muscle contractions, even adopting bad positions that later carry other ailments.

anti cellulite massage

With the soothing massage, we are going to relieve tensions in the muscles and to reduce lumps little by little. In some sessions, depending on each body, we will help to eliminate the annoying pain provoked by muscle contractions.