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At QuiroSalud Benidorm, we want to offer all our clients the feeling of well-being. Nano Laser.

What effect does activated carbon laser have on your skin?

The components of carbon, when activated by the impact of light, produce an exfoliation responsible for eliminating keratinized epithelial layers, homogenizing the skin texture, closing pores and lightening hyperpigmentation.

Rejuvenation: The renewing action associated with the exfoliating effect promotes an intense stimulation of the cellular regeneration processes, which results in an increase in collagen and elastin production.The result is the rejuvenation of the skin, which is evident in a smoother, firmer complexion, with fewer wrinkles and expression lines.

Anti-Acne The thermal effect produced by the laser attached to the active carbon, which in itself already has a bactericidal action, reduces the activity of opportunistic bacteria, including Propinobacterium acnes.Likewise, the activity of the fat glands is normalized, the tissue is decongested and comedones are eliminated.